Can you help?


All the people who work at the Aviary are volunteers. All money is used to buy fresh food and medicines for the birds, as well as to pay for the electricity and maintenance of the building. Occasionally, we decide to buy a bird in order to give it a happier home, or to be a companion to one of our own birds.


Our largest bird lives outside the Aviary. She is a large wooden parrot called Polly, and she talks when you put a Pound coin into her slot. She has several different phrases to thank you for your donation. She was carved by Tom Harvey, a sculptor from Wiltshire. She was given to us by Bournemouth Parks Foundation to help us with fund-raising for the new Aviary building currently being designed.

We also have a small white plastic pipe through the fence of the middle section of the Aviary. Almost all our money came from small change dropped into the pipe, which falls into the collection box. Now that Polly has arrived, she is collecting quite a few donations, too. Unfortunately, Polly can only "eat" one-pound coins, but we are more than happy to collect other coins dropped into our white plastic pipe.

If you don't expect to visit the Aviary soon, but you would still like to help, then it is very easy to make an online donation.

Sometimes, we are lucky enough to receive a bigger donation or bequest. If you would like to give more than just your small change, please contact us to discuss your wishes.


United Taxis help us in several important ways, including guaranteeing our lease.

Vets4Pets in Winton do not charge us to treat sick or injured birds (although we still pay for medicines and tonics). They are also very generous with helpful advice about looking after the birds.


The birds need fresh food and water almost every day of the year. We have four different seed mixes to suit all our birds, and use enough to fill four dustbins every 3 weeks or so. We also give them special foods, supplements, fruit, vegetables and treats. All of these need buying and transporting to our food storeroom.

They make a lot of mess and so we have to clean it almost daily... rain, shine, snow or frost! It is rewarding work, but hard.

Looking after the Aviary and its birds is a great responsibility because it is easy to make a mistake, and almost impossible to correct. We have a small group of volunteers and are careful to assess anyone who would like to share the work. All new volunteer workers have to work alongside some of our trusted volunteers for a probationary period. If you have appropriate experience and would like to help, please contact us to explain your interest, experience and skills.